• Name : Shri Babulal Bhagwandas Todi
    Date of Birth  : 17-02-1937
    Academic Qualifications : B.Com., LL.B, DBM, M.F.M.
    Occupation : Business
    Positions Held   : Director-Todi Industries P. Ltd.

    1. Past President of All India Manufactures’ Organization.
    2. Past President of Rotary Club of Bombay North.
    3. Member of Prime Minister’s Shram Awards Technical Committee.
    4. Board Member of National Safety Council, Mumbai.
    5. Member of Bureau of Indian Standards Committee.
    6. Member Central Board of Workers Education, Ministry of Labour, Mumbai.
    7. Member of the Social security Board of the Ministry of Labour and Employment.
    8. Trustee-Employees Provident Fund Organisation New Delhi.
    9. Board Member of the Employees State Insurance Corporation New Delhi.

    Name : Shyam N Todi
    Date of Birth  : 06-04-1948
    Academic Qualifications : B. Sc.
    Occupation : Industrialist

    Positions Held                     
    1. Chairman, N.B.T. Exports, Mumbai
    2. Partners, Todi and Company
    3. Director, Todi Industries Pvt Ltd
    4. SPN Designs Pvt Ltd
    5. Lekashell Impex Pvt Ltd
    6. President, Akhil Bharat Varshiya Marwadi Agrawal Jatiya Kosh.
    7. Honorary Secretary, Shri Raghunath Balika Mahavidyalaya, Lachhmangarh.
    8. Honorary Secretary, Shri Raghunath Hospital, Lachhmangarh.


    Name : Shri Jagdish Ramjivan Todi
    Date of Birth  : 20-11-1949
    Academic Qualifications : B.Com, LL.B., MFM
    Occupation : Business

    Positions Held                    
    Partner -TODI & Co., Mumbai
    Todi Industries Pvt Ltd
    Asian Narrow Fabrics Co
    Tirumala Travels Pvt Ltd.

    Name : Murari S Todi
    Date of Birth  : 17-12-1950
    Academic Qualifications : LTM (Engineering), MBA
    Occupation : Industrialist

    Positions Held                    
    1. Managing Director, Shri Hattising    Manufacturing Co. (Spinning Mill), Ahmedabad
    2. Member of many industrial and social organizations.
    3. Chairman, Gujarat State AIMO
    4. Director, Lions Club, Ahmedabad

    Name : Pradeep Purushottam Todi
    Date of Birth  : 4th October 1957
    Academic Qualifications : B.Com
    Occupation : Industrialist
    Positions Held   : Director-Todi Industries P. Ltd.

    1. Partner- Vistta Cosmetics
    2. Director: Todi Eximp & Mfg Pvt Ltd
    3. Partner- Todi Exports

    Name : Shri Ashkaran Sharma
    Date of Birth  : 02-01-1947
    Academic Qualifications : Secretary,  Managing Committee,
    Occupation : M.Com.